How to Make Air Freshener Easily From Home

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Hello friends, hope you had a good Easter celebration? While the euphoria of easter is gone, we would like to get your homes smelling nice again! Get rid of those offensive smells that may have accumulated easily. Air Fresheners helps us to freshen up the air in our homes, schools, churches, hospitals cars and environs. You will be surprised that to produce and package your air freshner, you do not need so much investment at all. It is quite easy to produce!
You can easily start off making Air Fresheners with a little amount of money. If you are to buy from the Market which many of us do, you will be needing some good amount of money and the quantity of what you’ll get will not be much, also there are so many air fresheners out there, hence you would be battling with choice to make.
We will be showing us how we can easily produce this product yourself without breaking your pocket!!! This is the main drive behind HHP! So if you are ready, let’s go…» How to make air freshener!


  1. Industrial perfume/essential oil
  2. Camphor
  3. Water
  4. SLS [Sodium Laurel Sulphate]
  5. Texapon
  6. Methanol


  1. Mix the essential oil/perfume with SLS to dissolve the oil
  2. Dissolve the Camphor in Methanol
  3. Pour in the Perfume and shake very well
  4. Add 4-litres of water and stir vigorously
  5. Package your Air freshener as desired


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