How To Produce CAR WASH GEL in Nigeria [A Step By Step Guide]

car wash gel


Car washing gel, is a type of liquid soap used to wash cars. The use of ordinary detergent have lethal effects on the paints of your car. It is advice-able to use Car Wash gel to wash your car whenever you want to. It would help prevent the color of your vehicle from easily fading, also it would bring out the brightness of your car. Wouldn’t you like that???

We shall be showing you how you can produce this product and save on domestic spending. You can even produce Car Wash gel in commercial quantity and sell to make some cool cash for yourself. Most people would be waiting for the so called white collar jobs when they can as well start little and grow big over time.

Look around you, you would admit that car washing centers are springing up at high rate. If you could market some of these people with a promise to sell this product to them at a much reduced rate, I bet you, you would not have need to ask anyone for financial assistance. You could even sell to car owners directly and make cool cash too.

Our mission here at HouseHoldProduct, is to teach as many as would love to learn, how to be financial independent, as well as cutting down on domestic spending. So if you are ready as we know you are, then let’s get set…

What you need:


  • Pac-R (Antisol)
  • Water
  • Colour
  • Perfume
  • S.L.S (Sodium Laurel Sulphate)
  • Soda Ash
  • Sulphonic Acid
  • Formalin

Steps on How to Produce Car Wash:

  • Soak your Pac-R in desired quantity of water. Allow to dissolve properly. Could take up to 2-3days.
  • Dissolve Soda Ash in water and pour into Pac-R. Stir until reaction is done.
  • Dissolve SLS in water to give clear solution. Pour into mixture of Pac-R and Soda Ash, stir.
  • Pour your Sulphonic acid into the mixture of 1-3 above, stir vigorously but with care.
  • Add formalin to the above mixture. Formalin is a preservative
  • Dissolve your colour of choice (Blue, Green) in little water and add to the mixture. Stir.
  • Add desire perfume and stir overall mixture. Allow the lather to settle before packaging you product.

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If you followed these step rightly, then your CAR WASH is ready for packaging and distribution. Simple isn’t it? Please also ensure you follow safety procedures when working with chemicals.

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