How To Produce Roll-On | A Step-By-Step Guide

How To Produce Roll-On | A Step-By-Step Guide


Do you know that many people actually think it would take the world to have your own best deodorants? Infact not everyone thinks about going into producing them because they think it would take so many process to make. What if we told you and show you how easy it is to produce this, wouldn’t you like the idea?

Today, we shall be teaching you how you can produce roll on deodorant in very simple ways. Roll-On is one of the best deodorant we need to wear mainly on our arm-pit. It helps keep it dry and smelling nice. Also it can help stop stains from soiling our clothes. You smell nice and fresh always. In fact, this is one of the fragrances. To produce this deodorant, follow these simple steps.

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  • Dissolve your thickener in water as usual to form a starchy solution
  • Add Methanol
  • Add perfume of choice
  • Package your product
  • Enjoy!

Ensure that the thickener doesn’t over shadow your perfume and methanol. Please note that thickener is just to thicken the product. If you followed these simple steps correctly, then you Roll-On Deodorant is ready for use.

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  1. Tanx much for this wonderful site DAT u have created to help us. Pls which fragrance do they use for nivea roll on

  2. Good day admin and everyone. Please can someone give me contacts of dealer of these chemicals I want to purchase them for retail in my environment. Whatsapp 07015816636

  3. Good day and bless u for this. infact u had made an opportunity for me. I want as how to make it a spray one or can I get roll on cans to buy for production to sell. Thanks

    1. Yes you can!

      Thanks for the kind words


  4. Is this all I need for the roll-on

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