Make Liquid Soap for Bathing in Nigeria

Make Liquid Soap for Bathing in Nigeria

Liquid Soap for Bathing

We did a post on How to Produce Dish Washing Liquid Soap in the past. This guide will show How to Make/Produce Liquid Soap for Bathing. Unlike the previous post where the Liquid Soap is Used for washing of plates, this would be used for bathing and yes. it is very safe.


  • Cost – Have ever gone to a supermarket or a mall to purchase a Liquid Soap for Bathing? The cost ranges from N3000-15000.
  • Safety – Taking or following the steps outlined in this post, you are sure to produce a safe Liquid Soap for Bathing which you can use anytime any day.
  • Skill Acquisition – You would have learnt a new skill if you had followed up to the end
  • Ease of Production – The steps outlined in this post is as easy as counting 1,2,3
  • Profit – Your Liquid Soap for Bathing can be packaged for sales and profit making. But please before you go commercial, you might want to adhere strictly to regulatory requirement.

Without much ado, below are the steps and/or requirements for the production of Liquid Soap for Bathing.

1Water8 liters
2Natrosol1/8 kgThis is a thickener
3Soda ash1/16 kgCleansing agent
4TexaponAs desiredFoaming agent
5Sodium laurate sulfate (S.L.S)1- 2 tbsFoaming Agent
6Propylene glycolA bottle top cover
7Vitamin E (Liquid)A bottle top cover
8Coco amineA bottle top cover
9PerfumeA LittleFragrance of any of your choice
10Colour (yellow)A LittleTo add color
11Foam BoosterAs desiredFoaming booster
12FormalinA littlePreservative
  1. In an 8 liters bowl of water add Natrosol and then stir properly
  2. Pour the soda ash into a separate container with 1 liter of water and stir
  3. Add a portion into the 8 liters of water containing Natrosol and keep stirring
  4. Pour The Texapon into a separate container with little water and stir
  5. Add SLS and stir to then blend
  6. Pour the leftover portion of dissolved soda ash into the container containing Texapon and SLS. Allow for 5 to 10 minutes
  7. Pour all solution into the 8 liters of water containing Natrosol and stir well
  8. Add your foam booster if you want it to lather more
  9. Add propylene glycol and stir
  10. Add Vitamin E (Liquid) and stir
  11. Add Coco amine and stir
  12. Add a little quantity of Formalin
  13. Package your product for sale or use.

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