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You probably have been wondering how you can make use of this sit at home period caused by the Covid-19 Pandemic to Make Money whether online or offline?

You need search no further because in this post, I will be revealing proven steps you can take and things you can do to make money. For over 10 years online, I have been searching for some proven techniques to Make Money. Yea, I stumbled on a few and also got scammed by a few. But those stresses are what I’d be relieving you of in this post. This is going to be a long post, so patiently read on.


  • FOREX TRADING – Also known as Foreign Exchange trading is a system by which currencies of various countries are paired and traded against themselves. You can make huge profit as well as great losses trading Forex, it all depends on your wealth of information. We advise that before you invest in the Forex Market, you’d need to learn the basic rudiments of becoming a successful trader. There are several online resources you can make do of now to boost your learning process. You can begin with TradingwithRayner to learn proven strategies needed to become a successful Forex trader. In case case you don’t want go through the stress of learning how to trade yourself, you can invest in renowned Forex Managers in Nigeria to do your trading for you and get paid your profits monthly and at the close of your contract, you also get your capital. Some of the well known Forex Managers in Nigeria includes; MBA Trading and Capital Investment, DW Arerben Forex trade Investment etc. Alternatively there are several Forex Trading social channels you can join that gives out signals some for free and others for a price. You can join any of them and trade whenever they give out signals. But please ensure you use proper money management. You can Join this Whatsapp Group and be sure to make good profit daily. See below screenshot of real profits from trading Vix75 and NAS100 indices

You will need to open a trading account before you can trade. Few of our recommended brokers include:

  1. (
  2. IC
  3. JP Markets
  4. HotForex
  6. Windsor Brokers

Just open a demo account and start practicing today.

  • MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING (MLM) – According to Wikipedia, Multi-Level Marketing or Network Marketing, referral marketing pyramid selling, is a marketing strategy for the sale of products or services where the revenue of the MLM company is derived from a non-salaried workforce selling the company’s products/services, while the earnings of the participants are derived from a pyramid-shaped or binary compensation commission system. What this is simply trying to say is that in MLM a company makes revenue by engaging non salaried individuals. These individuals earn from the binary compensation plans by the company. There are several MLM marketing companies you can choose to engage with and make money while sitting at home. I will be listing just a few trusted once here.

This is an e-commerce multilevel marketing company. Unlike other online shopping malls, CHY MALL enables member of the company to become VIP members thereby making money from the Platform.

That CHYMALL is a legit system can not be over emphasized! Please just proceed and register. Click this link HERE or call 08157371434

Joining this multi-level marketing company, you can be sure of make money sitting at home.


  • INVESTMENTS – There are various genuine online and offline investments you can use your spare cash for and make very good profits off them. In as much as there are several scam investments but there are still a few very genuine investment ones. All you need to is create an account with them and invest and get you ROI monthly as the case may be. Some of them are highlighted below;
  1. Transport Investments – From Uber to ABC Transport to God Is Good Motors the list is unending. You can invest in any of them after meeting their minimum requirements.
  2. FORSAGE – Read up about Forsage here === >>
  3. Cryptocurrency Investments – In 2009 when cryptocurrency was birthed, 1BTC equaled 1$ but as at the time of this post, 1BTC equals $9,527.49 (about ten million Naira today) many who invested by buying a few of the cryptocurrencies then made huge profits. You can start buy buying any of the Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Etheruim USD Digital etc You can also have an interest yielding Blockchain account and earn 4% annualized interest.
  4. FOREX Investment – You can invest in some reputable Forex Trading companies than pay monthly ROIs into your bank accounts. You can also give cash to individual experienced traders to trade for you and earn profits daily.
  5. AGRO-INVESTMENTS – Today, you can actually invest in agriculture without actually owing a physical farm and make good cash. Thanks to the internet revolution, you can now farm remotely. Some of the renowned agro-investment companies include; AgroFunds, PayFarmer, FarmCrowdy etc. Choose one and start your investing today.
  • MOBILE MONEY AGENT – Due to the effect of Covid-19 pandemic, most financial institutions have reduced physical contacts with individuals. As a registered Mobile Money Agent, you are sure to be making so much money from people coming to carryout financial transactions with you since they can’t have access to the banking hall. Whether it is withdrawal, deposit, fund transfer, bill payments or subscription renewal (GOTV, DSTV, NEPA etc) you are to to make money from charges for rendering the service if you are in a good location. Simply walk into any bank of your choice and inquire about the requirements to become a registered Mobile Money Agent or simply sign up with Opay, Paga etc and become certified Mobile Money Agent
  • SOCIAL NETWORKING/MARKETING – Selling to your contacts, social media follower-ship can make money for you in this lock down period. A few person who understand this concept are raking in serious money into their bank accounts daily. All you need do is advertise your product or services to them. You will be surprised a the volume of sale you can amass or people that would like to join your team. You can start converting your Whatsapp, Twitter, FB and Instagram followers to prospective clients today rather than wasting your precious time doing irrelevant things online. I’d stop here for now. The ball is in your court to either take a bold step and Make Money or remain unmoved and keep allowing opportunities pass you bye.

Hope this post on Proven Steps To Make Money have been worth the while?

Would love to hear from you. Share your opinion with us by leaving a comment in the comment section below.

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