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If you landed on this page, then my guess is as good as yours!!! You would likedonmattz to know who owns this site? I have a few things I would like to tell you about myself.

My real names are, Uchechukwu Orji Chibuzo but I like going by the nick name ‘Donmattz’. I was given this name during my University┬ádays because my peers thought I was a Hype – Yeah, I think I’m a hype indeed! Lols! ­čÖä

I’m one of Nigeria’s most succesful blogger, web designer, and social media guru. I have numerous sites of which ‘WWW.HOUSEHOLDPRODUCT.COM.NG‘ happens to be one of them. I blog on Blogger as well as WordPress. I love to read, research and play video games so much.

Do you like my site and its contents? Would like like to connect with me? If you would like to connect to me at any time, or you’ve got something you would like me to do for you, then feel free to connect with me through these channels:


Phone: +234(0)706-7858-232

FB: http://www.facebook.com/orjiuchee

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