How to Make Dettol in Nigeria Easily

How to Make Dettol in Nigeria Easily


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How to Make Dettol – Disinfectant

Dettol, is a very popular disinfectant used in bathing, scrubbing of tiles etc. It kills and prevents the spread of germs and bacteria within our home. Every Mom should endeavor to have this product in their houses and also use them regularly  to bath their children and clean the house.

Dettol also can be used in schools, hospitals and churches to stop the spread of germs and disease causing bacteria. We will be showing you in clear terms how you can make this disinfectant in the comfort of your living room.

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Dettol Production, What You Will Need:

  • Chlorozynol [1ltr]
  • Pine-oil [1ltr]
  • Methanol or Ethanol [4ltrs]
  • Texpon [Optional] [1ltr]
  • Colour [Brown]


  • Get a container, add in Pine-oil, Chlorozynol, Texapon and stir very well.
  • Add Methanol/Ethanol and keep stirring.
  • Add water. Note that if you’re using ethanol, then you don’t need to add water.
  • Package your product. That’s all!

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  1. good morning, thanks for this information. i did make dettol disinfectant but after the production its has sediment and wonder why that happened, please could you throw more light on this, though i didn’t add methanol. these re this ingredients i used: texapon, phenol, pine oil, chloroxynol, ipa, colour and water. the process goes thus: texapon and phenol step one, then pine oil, then chloroxynol, water, then ipa and colour. i want to know because its bothers me. your quick response would be highly appreciated. thanks.
    best regards.

    1. Dear Susan,

      Thannk you for you commnet on our blog. From the reagents you listed to have used for you production, we can see IPA, what does this mean and what function does it play. Please endeavour to follow our process for better results next time.


  2. Can I add UPS (isopropanol)when making dettol

  3. Comment Text*pls I want to produce my I need to add water if am using methanol

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