How to Make Air Freshener Easily

How to Make Air Freshener Easily


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Air Fresheners helps us to freshen up the air in our homes, schools, churches, hospitals cars and environs. You will be surprised that to produce and package your air freshener, you do not need so much investment at all. It is quite easy to produce!
You can easily start off making Air Fresheners with a little amount of money. If you are to buy from the Market which many of us do, you will be needing some good amount of money and the quantity of what you’ll get will not be much, also there are so many air fresheners out there, hence you would be battling with choice to make.
We will be showing us how we can easily produce this product yourself without breaking your pocket!!! This is the main drive behind HHP!
So if you are ready, let’s go…» How to make air freshener!


  1. Industrial perfume/essential oil
  2. Camphor
  3. Water
  4. SLS [Sodium Laurel Sulphate]
  5. Texapon
  6. Methanol


  1. Mix the essential oil/perfume with SLS to dissolve the oil
  2. Dissolve the Camphor in Methanol
  3. Pour in the Perfume and shake very well
  4. Add 4-litres of water and stir vigorously
  5. Package your Air freshener as desired


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  3. thanks for your interest in others. pls include measurements, not just the reagrnts. t
    his will enable us know quantity of each reagent. thanks

    1. Thanks Phoebe,

      Measurement is gotten at point of purchase. Just indicate by teling the seller the measurement you want [ie number of liters you wish to produce] and he will measure it out for you.

  4. Please why didn’t you use texapon on the procedure but is in the requirements? Thanks

    1. Thank you Linsy for your comment,

      Texapon is a forming agent! You can also use it

  5. This is great, I. Was told to pay some seting amount b4 learning it, off wish I don’t even have it. May God increase your knowledge

    1. Thank you Gloria!

      Hope you can produce them free of charge now?


  6. I love your lessons because it is very clear and easy to understand. I would also like to know where I can get these chemicals easily and at a cheaper price.

    1. Thank Elohor for your comments, you are welcomed. But we can’t tell you where to get the chemicals at cheaper rate. Go to your local market and inquire. Regards

  7. how do i measure them?

    1. Thank you Onyiye for your comment. It depends on what you want but the seller can really be helpful when it comes to measurement

  8. wunukahobe s. agbu

    Comment Text* hi, your explanations are very precise and comprehensive. I must comend you for a goog job. But what measurement in grams or kilograms of the reagents will one need to produce 20 litres of harpic, jik, hypo etc?

  9. God will increase ur knowledge amen

    My question is that will the methanol evaporate when preparing the air fresher and when preparing body spray and perfume

    I want u to give an explanation on how to prepare body spray and perfume. tanks.

    1. Hello Solomon

      The Ethanol is the solvent for diluting the perfumes and it evaporates.
      Thank you


    Great work ! Big kudos..
    Please what is the materials measurements for 10litres of air freshener.
    perfume ?
    Colour ?
    Menthol ?
    Methanol ?
    Catalyst/texapon ?

  11. Comment Text* pls what is the work of camphor in air freshener. another question is, is camphor the same as menthol. thank you

  12. Greetings good job,please when will the texapon come in,cos I can’t see it in ur write up…thanks

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