Liquid Soap Production:

This is a fresh update on the above subject matter. For all our readers, you can now add Foam Booster  to your production to improve on the foaming quality of you final produce
Hey guys! Hope you are all  doing great. We will be sharing with you today how you can produce a very popular product, Liquid Soap here in Nigeria. It is used in virtually every restaurant, eatery and even in how homes.
In Nigeria, we know this product by so many name, ‘Morning Fresh or Mama Lemon. Many people may be wondering how they can go about produce this unique product and save on domestic spending. If you are in such category, then this post is simple for you!
A very good part of this is that it is not expensive to produce. With as low as a N5000, you can produce over 80ltrs of this amazing product. Yes! Over 80ltrs and the reagents can be sourced withing your locality. So what are you waiting for? Lets Produce your first liquid soap, morning fresh, mama Lemon

What you need to produce liquid soap:


  • CMC (PacR, or Antisol) – 1/4 kg
  • Sulphonic Acid – 1 litres
  • Caustic Soda – 1/4 kg
  • Soda Ash – 1/4 kg
  • Color (Green)
  • Perfume [Lemon fragrance of any of your choice]
  • Texapon – 1/4 kg
  • SLS [Soduim Laurel Sulphate] – 1/4 kg
  • Foam Booster

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  • Soak 1/4kg of Antisol or PAC-R or CMC in 10 litres of water for 2-3 days. Note this must properly dissolve and look like Akamu or Starch before you begin production
  • Dissolve 1/4 kg of Soda Ash in water and pour into CMC. Stir until reaction is done
  • Dissolve SLS in water to give clear solutuon. Pour into CMC and stir.
  • Dissolve 1/4 kg Texapon and pour into mixture above
  • Pour 1 litre of sulphonic acid into CMC and stir
  • Dissolve Caustic soda in water and stir properly. Pour in above mixture
  • Add your foam booster and stir well.
  • Wait for Lather to disappear, then add color and perfume to taste.

Congratulations! If you followed this step rightly, then your liquid soap should be ready for packaging and distribution. A little problem however, should be a market to sell your products. But you can start by distributing to schools around you. Today, many schools are opening up. You can do a market survey and get a franchise to be a sole distributor to on or many of such schools. Also, clinics, churches etc are a good place to visit.

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  1. This is not liquid soap.This liquid detergent.There are other simple way to prepare good quality liquid detergent.

    1. Hello Malik,

      You can as well call it liquid detergent. It is the same thing.


    2. Hello Malik,
      I am sorry you were not replied well. can you please enlighten me more on other methods. Happy Ramadan.

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  4. Donmatz…good…job.,you’re…blessed..thnks…

    1. Thank you Segun.

      We really appreciate.

    2. Thank you Segun. God bless you

  5. Thanks so very much. It was helpful for my home use

    1. Good to hear.

      Thank you for the comments.

    2. Thank you Engee,

      With love 🙂

  6. Comment Text*pls were do we get the requirement to buy both for liquid soap, airfreshner and toilet cleaner

    1. Dear Bidemi,

      It depensds on your location. Most popular markets sell them. You can ask within were you live. If you stay in the east, check Onitsha, ABa, Enugu etc.


  7. Comment Text*thanks I stay in surulere pls where can I get the chemicals that is used for the production

    1. Thank you blessing for leaving your comments.

      I believe you can easily get the chemical in your local market if you make enquiries. The challenge is that I don’t stay in Lagos. Kindly make enquiries and you’ll know where you can get them.


      If anyone who stay around Surulere is seeing this and can be of help, please leave your comments… 🙂

  8. nice job sir God bless u. sir please can you add the dissolved sulphonic acid,perfume and texapon into the CMC before adding the other chemicals like soda ash,caustic soda etc. pls reply sir

    1. Thank you Mimi.

      Yes you can!

  9. Please where can I buy the chemicals in Abuja. Nice post

    1. We deal on all chemicals. If you are finding it hard to get, just send me ur list on whatsapp/08034329808 and I can easily get them for you here and waybill them across.

      1. Jenny how far?

        Yet to hear from u…. #Wink

    2. Hello Ada,

      Thank u for ur comments.

      I don’t live around Abuja and so may not know where u can get them. If anyone stays in abuja here, kindly assist Ada with the information on how to get these chemicals. However, if you can make ur way to the east, u can get these chemicals at Onitsha, Anambra state


  10. Comment Text*Good job,keep it up.

    1. Thank you Prisca!

  11. People complain abt my liquid soap that it’s not soapy enough..
    I use materials as follow:
    Sulphonic acid 1litre
    Soda Ash 1/4kg
    Sls 1/2kg
    Nitrosol 1/4kg
    Texapon 1/4kg
    Stpp 10tbsp

    Pls correct me if any mistake

    1. Dear Itohan,

      Did you start producing after going through our post? What quantity of water do you use? This measurement is for 10ltrs. You may have to increase the quantity of your foaming agents for better result ie Sulphonic acid, Soda ash and Texapon also don’t add excess water.


  12. For people in Lagos, the best place to get the chemicals is at ojota

  13. Where can I get the chemical in warri

    1. Thank you tope for your comment!

      Unfortunately, I don’t stay in Warri, but we believe that in your popular market you may be able to find where to get them. Just ask around


      If any one know how to get the chemical over there at Warri, kindly assits Tope with the address

  14. do you know the of the cost of the chemicals for making the liquid detergent. pls reply.

    1. Sorry I don’t know. Prices are not fixed as market factors affect them. However, you could specify the amount you want and it would be mixed for you.

  15. Please where can I get all the necessary ingredients in Ibadan?

    1. Can anyone help out here?

  16. Haheeb Look for any market were they do sell other chemicals for other jobs, I think they7 can help you out. But in Lagos, the best place is Ojota that’s were I base.

  17. Hello Sir, Most the chemicals be suck of 2 to 3 days. Can’t it be done on that same day?

    1. Dear Gloria,

      I understand your hurry, but you just have to allow them dissolve properly to get the right result.


  18. Comment Text

    1. Hello Amara,

      Thank you for your comment. Did you follow our steps to the latter? How long did you allow your thickener to dissolve before production?

  19. I live in calabar all I need is how to get a good package for my product,( liquid soap) nd how to get customers online in calabar.

    1. PETMA Initiative

      Hello Esther send the description of ur can and the type of packaging u desire to

  20. For your soap making ingredients and you can get them from my store and shop at no 5 kazeem street , ojota , Lagos state.
    my phone no : 08032412262 call or add me up on whatsapp for more info.

  21. At habeeb,google is your friend. He’ll help you out with any type of enquiry. Try it today. All the best

  22. Gd day sir, I am using Nitrosol as my thickener pls do I still need to soak it for 2days?

    1. Thank you Elo for your comment!

      I think Nitrosol is the one that can dissolve within 24hrs? If so, no need to allow it for two days. the idea of soaking is to allow the thickner dissolve well.


  23. Mrs Doris Awogbola

    Hello sir,
    Please can I get a phone number or email address?

    1. Dear Mrs. Doris,

      Click to ==> Contact Us

  24. good day i make liquid soap but the last one get black instead of green what would i do

    1. Good day Habiba

      I don’t seem to understand what you mean by black. Did you follow our procedures to the later? Please note that if you follow the steps we have highlighted on this website, you will not encounter any issues.

      Thank you

  25. Comment Text*pls I ned measurement on each of d chemical of harpic,pls I want 2 produce 5litres,how do I go about it?

    1. Hello Bamisayo.

      We can’t start giving out measurements for every quantity every follower of this blog wants to produce. Here is our to go about it. At the point of purchase, just notify the seller the quantity you want, and it will be measured out to you. Did you get that?


  26. Great work, but didn’t give d quantity of water to use in disolving other Ingredient execpt d cmc n pls how can I get a decent container to make my product presentable

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  29. modupe olanrewaju

    Comment Text* the liquid soap I make is pasty or look like starch at the bottom and light at the top, I Ve water yet no change what is wrong ?

    1. Did you allow the PacR dissolve properly?

  30. What is the quantity of water to be used in the total formulation and how should it be subdivided?

  31. Comment Text*for all your packaging of different sizes both new and fairly used cartoon with printing call 09086791833. my office is at awolowo market, olosha mushin, Lagos.

  32. Comment Text*my liquid soap forms thick lather when mixing, after some hours it separated the foam on the top and liquid at the bottom but later the foam will be lather but the liquid will not lather at all. please help me out what is the cause?

    1. Thank you Temmy for your comment on my blog. Please we would like to know if you followed the steps rightly? If you did, all you need do is allow everything to settle down and I believe your liquid soap would appear ok. If you still have any issue, let us know.

      Best regards

  33. Pls sir where can i get d materials am living in porr hacourt

  34. besides ojota where else can i get the ingredients

  35. Please what is the measurement of chemicals for 50 liters, also what and should be soak ? thanks.

  36. Thanks for the post. Please you didn’t include the quantity of caustic soda to be used. Thank u

  37. Please what is the name of the liquid soap ingredient that look like rice? And how do we add it?

  38. pls this 1 litre of symphonic acid is it like d measurement of small morning fresh or d middle ones. The measurement they show me was ds moin moin nylon.
    When I get to market each 1/4 has it’s measurement. Those people selling d’s chemical here does not understand english

  39. Comment Text*thanks so much, I tried making mine with this step it was really helpful but its wasn’t thick

  40. Comment Text*Rolak it is call will dissolve it in water a day to ur soap production.

  41. I really appreciate you for this training even thou I undergo training some month ago on this and it almost the same but I think u can use spoon in making the measurement for them Cus it will b easier. Some shop selling the chemical will tell u they are selling in kg and so on. E.g ¼kg equal to 25 spoon that will make them get correct result that will make u happy.

    1. Thanks Seloba for the tip.

      Now everyone can use spoon as unit of measurement if the want.


  42. Sir/ma, how many littles are we producing in the discussion because some items water measurement were not indicating. How do we know?.

  43. pls sir, whats this cmc i means how does it look like and both the color?

    1. Thank you Rosemary for your comment!

      CMC is the thickner and it is powdery white.

  44. Comment Text*is very helpful and I want to try it for first time

  45. You guys will copy another man’s work and post on ur blog taking the glory as if it’s ur real idea. I just got to where you got all these things from. No wonder the guy has refused posting new formula all thnks to u fake ass bloggers.

    Google Strongbest and see for ur selves.

    1. Dear Gracy

      We wouldn’t engage you in cheap publicity. Know this that your unprofessional comments would see the day light on HHP but can’t deter us. We don’t sell e-books or recipes, they are released for free. And very soon, our DIY Videos would be released to take our enormous fans by the hand on how to produce all these stuffs still free of charge. May be you can still attribute that to your Mr Strongest, #scumbag!!!


  46. I’m BASHIRAH.Pls, like what quantity can i get from the production, sir.thanks

  47. hello sir!like what quantity can i get from the production.thanks

  48. God bless you for this post.please what quantity of water should be used to soak the caustic soda and for how long should it be soaked

  49. my challenges is, after I did my own liquid soap finished .after 5days it can’t thickness well it be like water, what can i do? thanks

  50. Comment Text*pls how many quantity of water will be used to desolve soda ash and cuastic soda

  51. God will continue to bless you and your household for this you have done for us all….pls my question is …what quantity of water should be added to Soda Ash, Caustic soda, SLS, and Texapon. Thanks

  52. God will continue to bless you and your household for this you have done for us all….pls my question is …what quantity of water should be added to Soda Ash, Caustic soda, SLS, and Texapon as per the Morning Fresh. Thanks….

  53. Tank u very much for the training. I just want to say am from a remote area where dose chemicals are not sold. I need directions on where i can get these chemicals. THANK U


  55. A big thank you for your article.Thanks Again. Great.

  56. pls wat is d measurement for 5 or 10 litres?

  57. hello thanks for the guide please I was given formalin and was not given caustic soda in the material shop because I don’t know the materials needed n they just give materials according to price that is for 3000 or 5000 pls how do I go about it. again is caustic soda a must in the soap making am kinda confused. please thanks for your good work

    1. Hi Lucy,

      Formalin is the preservative. You require Caustic Soda because it is one of the foaming agent.

      Please refer to the list of materials we listed.


  58. this is an interesting lesson congratulations keeping it up . How much can someone use in starting this business of soap making ?

  59. Muchos Gracias for your blog article. Awesome.

  60. Comment Text*thanks you very much I enjoyed the lecture please what is CMC pacR are they the same thing as Nitrosol ? my product is always watery. again how can I get the containers for packaging

    1. Yes they are

  61. thanks for this write up can u pls drop the making of bar soap generally know ln as green soap thanks…

  62. Pls where can i get the ingredient

  63. Hello sir/ma
    The measurement for the chemical used in producing liquid describe above can produce how many liters of liquid soap as given below
    “Soak 1/4kg of Antisol or PAC-R or CMC in 10 litres of water for 2-3 days. Note this must properly dissolve and look like Akamu or Starch before you begin production
    Dissolve 1/4 kg of Soda Ash in water and pour into CMC. Stir until reaction is done
    Dissolve SLS in water to give clear solutuon. Pour into CMC and stir.
    Dissolve 1/4 kg Texapon and pour into mixture above
    Pour 1 litre of sulphonic acid into CMC and stir
    Dissolve Caustic soda in water and stir properly. Pour in above mixture
    Wait for Lather to disappear, then add color and perfume to taste.”

    My question how many litres of liquid soap can this produce though i understand the materials would be measured where to get them. Thanks

  64. Hello sir/ma

    Do i necessary need glycerin for the liquid soap production?

  65. Emmanuel Florence

    I followed up d steps for lunch quid soap and it was successful at first but tried again and got something that is confusing me. after all d mix, I had a good result but two day latter d tickner separated itself from d mix and d liquid soap became like raw egg that has its York seperate from the other part. what should I do

  66. Hello everyone,from my experiences,some people are complaining that there soap use to separate after some days,this is due to d sulphuric acid u poured direct,if u observe is very hot,so my dear l advice u mix it with texapon in a separate bucket, allow to cool down for abt 10 to 20 mins before production (that is before pouring it inside ur antisol)

  67. Thanks for sharing this. very helpful

  68. Bolanle Ahmed

    Hello sir,
    Thank u for d info.but pls sir where and how can I get nylon to package my liquid soap production for retailers

  69. Thanks for sharing, my challenge is that after sometime the fragrance in my liquid soap is no longer strong compared to when I produce it. Please what could be the cause

    1. You may have to increase the quantity going forward

  70. Any video on the production procedure? thanks for the post.

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