100% Easy Steps To Produce Hypo or Jik

100% Easy Steps To Produce Hypo or Jik


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OK! So you would like to know how to produce bleach or Hypo, Jik as it is locally known here in Nigeria? There’s indeed no problem with that as it is very easy to produce. Bleach is used for removing stains from clothings during washing. It has also proven to be very effective in cleaning toilet bowls, leaving them sparkling clean and germ free due to the presence of chlorine which is an anti germ.

Chlorine bleach has become a known disinfectant killing over 90% of the popular germs in the house. We advice women to make a routine to mop the floor of their houses with this product especially if they have little kids.

Today in Nigeria, following the recent recession, it is unwise for us to keep buying Hypo from the market when you can make as much quantity that would serve you the whole year from the comfort of you home, and guess what? It wouldn’t break your BANK! We shall be taking us through the process in very simple steps. SO if you are good to go, then we are too.



  • H.T.H (Chlorine)
  • Caustic Soda
  • Soda Ash
  • Water


  1. Pour some water in a bowel.
  2. Add all the chemicals together, and stir very well
  3. Allow to settle for 24 hours
  4. Sieve out the sediments.
  5. Package in your desired container.

Please note that most that some of these reagents are corrosive in nature, hence ensure to always put on protective covering.

Ah-Ha! Least I forget, if you stay anywhere around the Eastern part of Nigeria, you can easily source these reagents at Onitsha-Anambra state.

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Looks like I have said so much about this post, now, let me pass the keyboard to you guys.

Would you like to try this out or have you been into Hypo production? What’s your experience using it? Do drop your thought using the comment box below.

Do you think we skipped something important? Do let us know about it using the comment box below.

Do you have questions or comments on How to produce HYPO/JIK/BLEACH? Please do drop your questions using the comment box below. Remember that your comments, questions and thoughts are highly welcome and most appreciate.

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  1. thanks for your post , how can i mission 1 kg of Alum . and when i produce my bleach the fragrance in not coming out do we use bleach fragranceto improve it

    1. Thank you Eli for leaving your comments!

      Alum is optional when producing your Jik/Hypo. I personally don't use it and I would advice you not to use it next time.

      Your JIK will still come out nice.

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  3. Visitor Rating: 5 Stars

  4. warrens Izonebi

    Comment Text*pls I will like to know the quantity of all the reagents you mentioned even water

    1. Dear Warrens,

      Quantity depends on what you want to produce and the quality you want. The quantity that goes for self use [domestic use] may not be the same for commercial use. Just request from the seller and he will measure it out for you.

  5. Hi thanks a lot for this post. Pls if I need to make 10 litres. I’ll be trying for the first time.God bless you

  6. I mean what’s the measurements please for 10litres

    1. Thank you Ozioma,

      The measurement is given at the point of purchase. Just indicate by teling the seller the measurement you want [ie number of liters you wish to produce] and he will measure it out for you.

  7. Thank you for sharing this knowledge. God bless you. I use to purchase locally made bleach, and i have noticed overtime that some white substance settle at the base of the container. I’m guessing it must be one of the ingredients used in it production. What are they and how can it be completely dissolved.

    1. Dear Bidemi,

      Like you stated, they are the residues of the chemicals used in the production. From my experience, not all dissolves and that is the need for you to seive out properly. When sieving, make sure you only collect the clear bleach for packing and discard the residues.


  8. pls,I need advise.I produced dettol,the smell comes out well,but,when drop in water does not form that whitish cloud on water.what will I do.

    1. Hello Prisy,

      What reagents do you use? Did you follow our steps as indicated? I think the quantity of your reagents are not enough or may incomplete. Kindly follow our steps and if you have issues again, do lets us know.

  9. it’s nice to have great guys like you who are willing to share their knowledge. God bless you

    1. Thank you Paul!


    Bravo my man . may enlight me more on how to by the container which i will use and sell it.

    1. Thank you for your comment!

      Do you stay around the east? You can get containers from Onitsha main market or other markets within you. On how to sell your produce, that should be your own personal efforts.


  11. How can i produce bleach from hydrogen peroxide? Or how can i produce safe colour bleach?

  12. What quanties of materials do i need to make what quantity of bleach? And supposing i want to produce a safe colour bleach?

  13. Pls to make 20 litres of bleach how do I measure the ingredient s

  14. Visitor Rating: 5 Stars

  15. Akinbobola Feliz

    What a great deal. Please, kindly keep it up. God bless you.

  16. Akinbobola Feliz

    Please, I want to know more about the production of sheabutter for body cream & hair cream. Thanks for your understanding. Kindly forward the message to my email address. More blessings IJN.

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  19. Thank you so much, it really helps

    1. Thanks Asmau

  20. ekperoko Endurance

    do you have any contact at Onitsha where I can buy bleach can?

    1. Hi Endurance,

      Yes, you can get the chemicals at main market ONITSHA

      Thank you for the comment

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