How To Produce Perfumes and Body Sprays

How To Produce Perfumes and Body Sprays



We all use Body Spray or Perfumes. We either buy them or they are gifted to us. But do you know you can actually start producing this at the comfort of your sitting room? Many people have asked me how they can start producing this? The good news is that you dont need to be a Pro to start. You can begin by producing the one you will be using for yourself and you can then graduate to producing for commercial purpose.

All you’ll be needing are a few fragrance to mix and a container to package your product. It is that simple! SO to begin, follow the steps listed below ➡ 

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Table of Contents

Requirements for perfumes and body spray    

  • Blue Dream                             
  • Blue Water                                  
  • Methanol                                       


  1. Mix Blue Dream and Blue Water together
  2. Add in Methanol and shake properly
  3. Package your product into your desired container and start marketing.
PS. In producing perfumes, there are several fragrances to choose from. It is not mandatory to use the fragrance we listed here. You can choose your desired fragrance from the market where you want to get these chemicals from. Take a look at some fragrance of interest below:

Some Important Fragrance:

  1. Blackhour Elope
  2. Avalon Identity
  3. 419 for men 212 for men
  4. Joy for baby Happiness
  5. Evato for women Infinity
  6. Rose flower Passion
  7. Poison or S.S

The list is unending. Just choose your fragrance combination and produce. Avoid the mistake of mixing too much fragrance, as this can make your product appear unprofessional.


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  1. Am just seeing this but will try it
    Thanks for helping the youths

    1. You really need to Rose. It’s quite easy to try them out. If you encounter challenges, let us know

  2. Comment Text*pls you
    not give the measurement of the Product you are teaching us

    1. The quantity is not the problem. Just tell the seller the quantity you want to produce, and it would be measured out for you

  3. Thanks for your generosity. I have asked friends to show me the procedures and materials for liquid soap for a long time now, at some point it almost cost our relationship even though I was ready to pay. here you are sharing it on air completely free. As you have watered others, you surely will be watered.
    THANK YOU!!!

    1. Glory! Thank you for the kind words.


  4. Which one is ‘blue water’, in perfume production? Is it used in producing all perfumes?

    1. Dear Charis,

      Thank you for your comment!

      Blue water is a fragrance just like the rest.
      When you choose the frangrance you require, then you mix up – that’s it!

  5. Pls I used Methanol and fragrance alone for my Perfume but immediately I was through d Methanol smell was more than the fragrance, so I want to ask, maybe if u shld kip it for like 12 hrs, d fragrance smell would come ouy

    1. Hello Mayowa, it simply means the quantity of Methanol you used is so much. Try to use as little methanol as possible when producing next time. Also, you don’t need to allow anything settle before use. I can be used immediately.


  6. This information was really very useful, please where can one buy the materials cos I’ll like to try it.

    Thank you,

  7. I’m so so happy to come accross dis blog, thank you so much u are just wonderful, some pl will demand thousands b4 showing u how to do this nd u’re giving it out just like that.. may u reap the benefits of ur generousity.. God bless.

    1. Thanks Habiba for those kind words

  8. Great information from good heart.I just started production last week and the info you on your has cleared a lot of grey areas confronting me. Thanks a million times

    1. Thank you Chris, we are glad the information was helpful.


  9. Thanks for sharing this useful information to the general public.
    Please where can one get the materials in good prices to start production of some of perfume and the likes.

    1. ThankGod Georgewill

      Your knowledge that you wholehearted give the general public worth you going to heaven if you reach a decision to worship God, irrespective of the ugly country(Nigeria) leadership. Pls i want you to tell me where all these materials for the production of perfume etc can be bought.You can txt me via email or phone: or 08028208786. Thanks,

      1. Wao!!!
        Thank you for those kind words. We appreciate.

        To get the chemicals, you’ll need to visit the local market were you reside and enquire. We only know for Onitsha and Enugu


  10. thank u for helping! i tried one of d fragrances with sweet rose….. o my!

  11. Mrs omoyele mojisola

    Hello.thanks for the information.can i have one on one tutorial?

    1. Yes you can!

      Where do you live ma? Or give us a call. Check our contact page for details


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  13. Comment Text*thanks a lots for dis info but pls this fragrance listed is it one for one perfume?

  14. I love this platform so much it’s rilly helpful pls for those of you guys askinq where to get these materials Call or whatsapp Alvaan Chemical on this number 07066644090 thanks…


    I must candidly confess.. You guys are doing a great work at educating the globe. Your wall of comments has vindicated you right.. I’m at the threshold of air freshener production..

    1. Thank you for your kind comments. They are appreciated!!!

  16. Thanks so much for this info… I did as explained but I found out that my perfume don’t last long on me… is there something i’m missing out on or there anything I can add to make it last longer? thanks

    1. You need to change your fragrance.

  17. I want to learn how to make perfume

  18. Comment Text*
    Your site have been of great help to me. Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you Blessing.

      We hope you find it even more helpful in the coming years.


  19. please give me a tutorial on how to design a website

    1. Hi Abraham,

      Thank you for your comments. However that which you request is quite off topic and beyond the scope of this website.

      We would advise you check elsewhere! Or contact me personally. Check the contact page for details

      Thank you and have a nice day


  20. olusegun olakonipekun

    Thanks u some for all d different recipes u have posted so far on us page, they are really educative n inspiring. May Gold continue to bless u as u continue to do this n many more. More grace IJN.

    1. By His Grace, we will do more!
      Please share the post with your loved ones to encourage us to do more

      Thank you and BR

  21. olusegun olakonipekun

    I like to know if one can add surfactant i.e texapon, then foaming agent like SLES to bleach. I discovered that the last one I produced does not really bleach as one would have expect when in contact with coloured fabric. Kindly sheld more light. Thanks.

    1. Thank you Segun for stopping by.
      All you need to do is increase the quantity of reagents as against water. You don’t need to add any foaming agent. Also ensure you do not over dilute you product with too much water.


  22. wow,thank you very much.It real helpful ,God bless you abundantly.

  23. Comment Text*I search for the blue water and blue water in the market they but they are not familiar with the name please is their any other name for it

  24. Hi. Pls can water be added to the mixture when making body mist?

  25. why I like dis blog is bcos of d response of d facilitator.God bless u and God will continue to increase u ijn.

    1. Amen!

      Thank you Titilayo


  26. For further training on this, what are the things needed or how do we contact you guys. please

  27. Comment Text*please I but methanol , glycerol and scent can I mix for perfume making?

  28. Thanks so much for your educative post. Please i am on the verge of producing my perfume, can you recommend a place where i can get nice and fancy bottles for packaging ?.

  29. Pls I need more clarification on this methanol i s it safe for use

    1. Yes please.

  30. Adenike Idowu-Dadmus

    Good day, thanks for the article.
    Please, it will be better if you give measurement to this note (ml or l).

  31. Ugorji Victoria

    Pls do you people have your company in Umuahia because I will love to do my I.T with you people. Thanks

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