How to Make Paint in Nigeria Easily 100%

How to Make Paint in Nigeria Easily 100%

paint making

Paint production, can be a viable business venture. but what you don’t probably know is that you can actually begin your own paint production business at home.

Do you know that you can actually start up a mini Paint Production in Nigeria?

Lots of people don’t know it is actually possible, going by the mindset that it is only big factory owners that goes into paint production. My brother, the truth is that you can do it and still not break you pocket.

We will be showing you step by step guide on how to do this. But before we begin, you may want to check out our previous post HERE also read up some of the safety apparatus and procedures you will be needing to since the importance of safety can’t be well emphasized.

Paints are a mixture of chemical substances which are used in adding beauty to our homes. Just imagine living in an unpainted building? No matter how modern it is built, paint is required to make it a home. Just continue reading to learn how.

There are several types of paints;

  • Emulsion Paint
  • Oil Paint
  • Tex-coat Paint



  • Water – To act as the solvent
  • Ammonia – Thickener
  • Defoamer – Keep the foam during production reduced
  • Formalin or antacid – You should consider adding preservative. These, acts as one
  • Acrylic
  • Color
  • Natrosol
  • Calcium carbonate
  • Titanium Dioxide


  • In a clean bowl, add Titanium Dioxide and water, then stir properly
  • Add Calcium carbonate to the mixture. Stir properly.
  • Add Acrylic, defoamer, color and preservative and stir.
  • Mix Natrosol in water and add to you above mixture. Stir well.
  • Add Ammonia.

The whole mixture should be stirred properly and left for 48 hours. Your Emulsion Paint is ready for use.



  • Marble dust
  • Every other item in the previous production for Emulsion Paint above


The same steps applies as in producing Emulsion Paint above, except that we would be needing to add;

  • Marble dust either rough or smooth to the mixture then stir well.
  • Keep your produce for a minimum of 48-hours.
  • Package and retail.

Note: all other paint type production, follows similar procedure except that you will be needing to add their various ingredients.

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